Blackbit Pixelated Fonts


Where design meets pixel perfection. Blackbit is our first pixelated blackletter new font inspired by the golden era of retro games.

This font will bring you back to the golden era of 8-bit and Sega game visuals.

Blackbit font combines pixelated style with modern touch and readability.

Elevate your creations with our pixel-perfect font, where each character is a testament to the artistry of the pixel grid.

Not just limited to Latin, Blackbit supports multiple languages, numbers, and symbols.

It makes it easy for you to create retro designs. Whether you are working on a gaming project or just want to add some retro touch for nostalgia to your creations, this font is the answer.


Whats Inside :

  • Blackbit .otf
  • Bonus Assets .ai/eps

We hope you enjoy this font as much as we created it.


If you have anything to discuss, feel free to contact us to


The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog

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