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Introducing our new cool fonts Aero Tag, The ultimate combination of layered graffiti fonts and Procreate brushes.

Unleash your creativity and add an urban edge to your designs with Aero Tag, featuring a unique fusion of graffiti artistry. Our pack combines the vibrancy of bubble-style graffiti fonts with the intricate detailing of Aero tag-style Procreate brushes, offering a dynamic toolkit for graphic designers, illustrators, and artists alike.

Dive into the world of street art with our cool designed graffiti font. Inspired by the energetic and fluid nature of graffiti, our font captures the essence of urban expression. Its bubble-style letters add a playful yet bold touch to any project, from posters and logos to social media graphics and merchandise.

Elevate your digital artwork with our Aero tag-style Procreate brushes. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these brushes emulate the authentic aerosol techniques used by graffiti artists with different style of cap. Whether you’re creating digital murals, illustrations, or typography, our brushes offer versatility and authenticity, allowing you to bring the raw energy of graffiti to your digital canvas.

Whats inside :

  • Aero Tag Outline .otf
  • Aero Tag Fill .otf
  • Fat Cap Procreate Brush
  • Flat Cap Procreate Brush
  • Textured Fat Cap Procreate Brush

We Hope you enjoy this cool combination of fonts and Brushes as much as we enjoy created it.

If you have anything to discuss feel free to contact us at

Thank You

Angin Studio

The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog
The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog

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